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Dessert Menu


All Desserts and Cookies $9.50

Chocolate Molten Cake
With Fresh Berries, Chocolate Streusel served withVanilla Gelato

Fresh Berry Cobbler
Served Warm with Vanilla Gelato

Berry Martini
Fresh Mixed Berries served in a Martini Glass

Blueberry Cheesecake
With Mint and Cassis Sauce

Pistachio Creme Brulee
Rich Custard Topped with a Browned Layer of Hard Caramel,

Candied Pistachios and Berries

Homemade Cookies
A Selection of Freshly Baked Cookies

Gelato and Sorbet

Please Ask Your Server for Daily Selections


Artisan Cheese Plate
With Fresh Fruit and Assorted Crackers - $18.00


Pastry Chef - German Martinez




Cicada serves an extensive library of specialty liquors and libations for your continued dining and after-dining pleasure. Please ask for the list from your server.




Cicada proudly uses Alessandro Caffe Arabica bean for our coffee and espresso. Available also in decaffeinated.

Espresso 4.00
Double Espresso 5.50
Macchiato 4.25
Cappucino 5.00
Caffe Latte 5.00
Caffe Au Lait 5.00
Caffe Mocha 5.00



All Coffee Drinks enjoy the added indulgence of Whipped Cream. Available also in decaffeinated.

Cicada Coffee 10-
- Nocello Walnut Liquore, Baily's Irish Cream & Brandy


Irish Coffee 9.50
- Bushmill's Irish Whiskey, Sugar & Cream

Jamaican Coffee 9.50
- Tia Maria & Rum

Keoke Coffee 9.50
- Kahlua & Brandy

Mexican Coffee 9.50
- Kahlua & Tequila

HOT TEA 4.50

617 S. Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 90014 - 213.488.9488